The words of painting-張騰遠大阪個展|7.7-8.4|Gallery NOMART

The words of painting-張騰遠大阪個展|7.7-8.4|Gallery NOMART


The words of painting-張騰遠大阪個展

地點|Gallery NOMART(大阪市城東区永田 3-5-22)
開幕|7.7, 18:00

資訊性 /關聯性 /執行力 /聯繫性 /愛

Information/ Connection/ Operation/ Relation/ Love


These five words with multiple implications are the key factors revolving around my creation. It can be a step of the art forming, a feature of the work or a way to convey the concept. What’s more, if the creation is a journey, these five words are the compass in my travel helping me to identify the appropriate direction in the land of mist, making it possible to create the route belongs to me.


Examining the five keywords in my past works and arranging their trajectories to represent in a proper way is the core direction of my solo exhibition in NOMART. In the process of organizing, I gradually found that five keywords don’t necessarily need to be created sequentially or to appear at the same time. For example, sometimes the composition of the keywords is Informational and Operation; sometimes it is Relation, Love, and Connection. The frequency of these five keywords appears in the context of my creation like coordinates that mark my relative position in this state. Hence, the words, including NOMART and OSAKA, all transformed into coordinates of my creation and crisscrossed-knitted out a special field making the viewer enters a parallel universe as the radio will switch channels whenever wave is disturbed.


In this exhibition, paintings, mixed media, and printmaking works will be shown. For me, the juxtaposition of works is like a face-to-face mirror. They reflect each other’s form and content to let the possibility of interpretation can be infinitely extended by conversing. I usually deem the creating as a journey. If the exhibition at Galerie Grand Siècle in March 2018, symbolizes a straightening stage in the travel, I will say the NOMART exhibition is my next destination.