No. 98 王德瑜個展 Wang Te-Yu Solo Exhibition| 03.09-04.18|就在藝術空間

展期 Date: 3/ 09/ 2019-04/ 18/ 2019
開幕 Opening: 3/ 09 (六 Sat) at 7pm
地點 Venue: 就在藝術空間 Project Fulfill Art Space (10658 台北市大安區信義路三段 147 巷 45 弄 2 號一樓)

就在藝術空間2019年初首檔展覽很榮幸於三月份推出王德瑜個展《No. 98》,此展覽將展出藝術家全新充氣軟雕塑裝置《No. 98》,作品靈感來自2018年藝術家在格蘭菲迪駐村創作的生活體驗。蘇格蘭令人驚嘆的自然力量讓王德瑜留下深刻的記憶,她試著描述它們,藉由身體捕捉一二。開幕活動訂於3月9日(週六)下午7點。





展覽《No. 98》裡包含了《No. 96》作品。《No. 96》完成於2018年9月底到10月中在格蘭菲迪國際藝術家駐地創作計畫的聯展裡,換了時空,樣貌看起來些許不同――這與記憶運作模式很像――它重新成為《No. 98》的一部分。



Project Fulfill Art Space is pleased to present ‘No. 98’ Wang Te-Yu Solo exhibition opening in March 2019. For this exhibition artist Wang Te-Yu created a large scale site-specific installation featuring her characteristic fabric sculptures, inspired by her time at Glenfiddich Artists in Residence in 2018, with its surrounding natural scenery having left a deep impression on the artist. Her work uses the physicality of space and audience interaction to evoke the breathtaking landscapes of Scotland, reinterpreted in a different time and space. The exhibition opening will be held on 9 March 2019 at 7pm at Project Fulfill Art Space.

Exhibition Introduction
Text: Wang Te-Yu

Every new experience is layered upon infinite memories.

“The surrounding woods, the thick soft grass, the endless rolling hills and the fleeting shadows cast by passing clouds. A step into the heather is replied with a light crisp sound underfoot; a strong wind beats against the body underneath the bright sun, as the trailing path is filled with the faint sweet scent of cicely all summer. Along the mountain ridge a row of wind turbines turn silently; I sit alone on the hillside opening my senses to the living force of nature.”

In preparation for the exhibition and publication, Wang Te-Yu reorganized almost three thousand photographs taken during her time as artist in residence at Glenfiddich, while also browsing through the publications of previous residency artists. Wang found that many of the scenery and perspectives that she photographed were similar if not the same as the ones taken by other artists. She was intrigued to discover that this place, which had continued to surprise her every day during the summer of 2018, she had in fact already seen many times beforehand in photos, but only now did they have a deeper meaning to her. She can recognize what the places are, describe the temperature, quality of light and smells, knowing that others once walked there, gazed at the same trees and hills or through a certain window, enthusiastically recording the cattle and sheep beside the barley fields and the characteristic plant life.

The exhibition titled ‘No. 98’ encapsulates the artwork ‘No. 96’, which was completed and exhibited as part of the Artists at Glenfiddich 2018 International Residency group exhibition during September – October 2018. Transferring the work to Taipei, the appearance also seems slightly different, much like how our memories operate, new sensations form as we revisit our memories at different times and environments.

Wang reinterprets ‘No. 96’ as part of her new large-scale installation ‘No. 98’, constructing a gradation of viewing heights to create a different tactile experience, inviting audiences to climb up a gentle slope and look all around, allowing the body to lead the exploration of the space. Wang explains that some experiences can only be detected and received with our physical bodies, although at the time we are often unable to give the sensation a name, or sometimes it is ignored or forgotten. But in fact, the experiences have not disappeared, and the accumulated perceptual memories will render each new experience more profound and unique.

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