3D Sunset城·世 靈魂|03.10–04.07|就在藝術空間 



3D Sunset城·世 靈魂 《就在『時區』Voir là in Time Zones》十週年特別計劃首檔展覽

展期 |03.10–04.07



策展人|黃建宏 座談會|3. 10 Sat. 2:30-4pm (與談人:藝術家法哈廷·奧倫利及策展人黃建宏)


《就在『時區』Voir là in Time Zones》十週年特別計劃,將以三個展覽呈現“就在”的獨特性格。 第一個展覽即將於3月10日登場,由土耳其藝術家法哈廷·奧倫利(Fahrettin Örenli)在台北首次個展《3D Sunset城·世 靈魂》。作品持續探討對於地理與文化邊界的議題。本次展覽將展出聲音燈光裝置、平面作品及錄像,呈現多面向的創作能量。 《3D Sunset城·世 靈魂》是土耳其藝術家法哈廷.奧倫利在伊斯坦堡發表的「高跟鞋:綁定階段」計畫延續,經由2016年在台灣的短暫調查,這次他重新編輯先前的作品,轉而決定著重在另一個雙重批判的層次上在台北進行對話:意即如何直接面對這個想像的可感未來,面對我們通過各個階段資本主義而成就的人造未來?一方面,3D意味著我們今天逐漸沈浸其中的虛擬真實,在極力碰觸現實的同時接受了巨型系統所編排的全控可感世界,另一方面,我們尷尬地既不相信揭露可以改變生活,或許又投機地想或許是種新的生命狀態。 This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Project Fulfill Art Space, we invite curator HUANG Chien-Hung to program a line up of special projects titled ‘Voir là in Time Zones’, featuring three exhibitions reflecting the unique characteristics of Project Fulfill (‘Jiou Zai’ in Chinese), encompassing the meaning of the here and now. The first exhibition opens on 10th March featuring Turkish artist Fahrettin Örenli’s first solo exhibition in Taipei: ‘3D SUNSET The Soul of the Earth City’. His work continuously addresses his interest in crossing geographical and cultural boundaries. This exhibition will showcase Örenli’s diverse art practice through a range of mediums, including sound and light installation, works on canvas, drawings and video works. ‘3D SUNSET: The Soul of the Earth City’ is an extension of Fahrettin Örenli’s previous exhibition project ‘High Heels’ presented in Istanbul in 2016, discussing the issues of how economic, political and social climates influence the future of our constructed world. In the same year Örenli carried out a brief period of research in Taiwan, incorporating a different perspective into selected works, re-configured for this exhibition. Layered within his work is a dual dialogue seeking to engage with the city of Taipei; how do we confront our collective vision of the perceivable future, and face what lies ahead, formed in the wake of capitalism?

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