牆上的圖像 - Ana Maria Micu 個展|2018.12.15 - 2019.1.12|安卓藝術

牆上的圖像 - Ana Maria Micu 個展|2018.12.15 - 2019.1.12|安卓藝術


牆上的圖像 – 安娜・瑪瑞亞・米庫(Ana Maria Micu)個展

2018.12.15 – 2019.1.12

安卓藝術很榮幸將於2018年12月15日至2019年1月12日推出羅馬尼亞藝術家安娜・瑪瑞亞・米庫(Ana Maria Micu)個展「牆上的圖像」。本展是米庫繼2015年的「凝視自我」個展後,第三度於安卓藝術發表,也是作為安卓全球獨家代理藝術家首次的作品呈現。展覽開幕酒會將於12月15日(週六)下午3時展開,我們誠摯邀請您的蒞臨。



關於安娜.瑪瑞亞.米庫 Ana Maria Micu

Date|15 Dec 2018– 12 Jan 2019
Venue|Mind Set Art Center
Opening Reception|3:00 pm, Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

Mind Set Art Center is delighted to present “A Picture on the Wall”, a solo exhibition by Romanian artist Ana Maria Micu from 15 December 2019 to 12 January 2018. You are cordially invited to attend the exhibition and the opening reception starting at 3 pm on Saturday, 15 December.

The show consists of paintings, drawings, and a looped animation: a cross-medium tactic that makes an abstraction out of visual reference material gathered from the artist’s home and studio over recent years. The aspect that interests her the most is a fascination with the fact that she is able to force coherence out of a broken narrative, apparently on a criterion of which she is not fully aware.

The paintings are interior scenes and self-portraits, a frozen succession of fleeting biographical moments, highlighting the recording property inherent in everyday objects. They impartially reflect our choices, maybe much better than our memory does. Marks of the passage of time, the endearing idealism of obsolete design, things that were left behind, abandoned or broken, are the details that the artist notices, allowing herself to be changed by her observations as she paints.

The drawings and the animation are tied together in an experimental technical relation. Being based on video footage and not photographs, when viewed continuously, the drawings render a type of movement visible between them. The animation is not created with the traditional technique but is largely based on photographs of working stages of the drawings, thus being more about the process that was followed, as about depicting an action. The subject matter is the artist, captured while painting, turning her head as she looks back and forth between the photograph she uses as a reference and the work itself. Going through several imaginary characters until completion, by building on certain mistakes that are temporarily favored and individualized, this body of work concludes with the finding of an image that could be declared a satisfactory likeness and a proportional representation.

A personal interpretation assigned to creativity is reduced to the simplest act of a lingering and consecutive gaze, and events that follow this action in a natural manner. By restricting her examination area to the first circle, closest to her being, the artist tries to mimic a regression to a primitive state in which one’s world is no larger than the interest to meet basic needs. Based on an intuitive supposition, the need for artistic freedom and manifestation is included within this narrow list. No matter who you are, if stranded long enough on a deserted island, you will end up writing a book. In addition to being a cry for help, a message in a bottle is just that: the book’s first draft.

About Ana Maria Micu
Ana Maria Micu (b.1979) is a visual artist living in Botoșani, Romania, who works with painting and drawing. A Master of Fine Arts graduate of the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca in Romania, she has exhibited internationally for almost a decade. In 2012 she had the solo show “Tender Heart, Keep Still!” at C-Space Gallery in Beijing. Another significant project of hers was “Self-portrait with Indoor Plant” at Mind Set Art Center in Taipei.