開幕時間|2018/10/26(五) 6:00pm
展覽時間|2018/10/26(五) – 2018/11/18(日)

新苑藝術將於2018年10月26日至11月18日,展出丁建中個展《Da(il)ylight》,開幕酒會訂於10月26日(週五)晚間六點。藝術家丁建中研究所主修新媒體藝術,從動力裝置、數位音像再到空間裝置,他透過「光」來探索日常生活中的場域與記憶。從《空屋系列》、《LIQUID SCENE》到《暗潮》,丁建中藉由不同動力裝置展現光的多種狀態,以之讀取並記錄空間場域的痕跡以及時間的流逝,將觀者的感知放大至敏銳,細究那些生活或是記憶之中轉瞬即逝的感受,將當中片段、曖昧不清的心理狀態串聯成了體驗生命與藝術之間的意義歷程。

《Da(il)ylight》延續前年的台北個展《日光之下》,透過全然的環境光線對映,敏感的放大觀者所在的空間感知。這些對周遭光線、溫度、濕度變化的察覺,牽動了藝術家近期的創作所在。此次個展將呈現兩組裝置作品:《Untitled Series》利用油墨與光曝曬引起衰變的物理過程,將光吸納到物質載體內,使油墨色澤的濃淡呈現了不同日曬的時間壓縮,而在同時,時間也透過光保留其中; 《the Void Series》在光漫反射之處,以控制電壓改變液晶組合,讓光得以在間歇間通過玻璃與鏡面,作為光穿透的暗喻。此兩組裝置作品甫於日本大阪展出,獲得許多觀者的正向回饋,循環重複性的運動帶來平和而深刻的感受,光線的變化同時也是時間存在的呈現,透過兩組裝置作品獨立喃喃自語或是交相並置,展現一種不如往常的異質感受與揮之不去的日常記憶。

丁建中,1983年出生於台北,畢業於台北藝術大學新媒體研究所,曾獲邀於西班牙與法國駐村創作,並於大阪、聖塔菲、新加坡、北京、聖保羅、首爾等地展出個展與聯展,展出經歷豐碩。並曾榮獲台北美術獎優選、全國美術展銅獎、與桃源創作獎,獲提名台新藝術獎、入選中國三亞藝術季的華宇青年獎與巴西FILE 2014 國際電子語言藝術節。作品受國立台灣美術館所典藏。


Artist|DING Chien-Chung
Opening|2018/10/26(Fri.) 6:00pm
Duration|2018/10/26(Fri.) – 2018/11/18(Sun.)
Venue|Galerie Grand Siècle

Galerie Grand Siècle is going to present artist DING Chien-Chung’s solo exhibition Da(il)ylight from Oct. 26 to Nov. 18, 2018, and the opening will be hold on 6pm of Oct. 26, Friday. DING Chien-Chung majored in new media art in graduate institute. He explores the fields and memories through “light” in his daily life and present by different forms includes Kinetic installation, audio visual and installation art. From <Vacant Room Series>, <Liquid Scene>, to <Underflow>, DING showcases many status of light with different kinds of powered installations; furthermore, to read and to record the trace of space and the time elapsed. He intends to expand spectators’ perception in order to remembering those fleeting feelings in life and memories, and then links the unspeakable feelings and clips in mind as the meaningful process experiencing life and art.

Following the concept of the solo exhibition on 2016 in Taipei, the newest solo exhibition Da(il)ylight amplify the spatial perception of the viewer through the comprehensive mapping of the ambient light. The award of the environment such as sunshine, temperature, and humidity give rise to physical experience, becoming the core of Ding Chien-Chung’s recent creation. Da(il)ylight will present two sets of installation works: “Untitled Series” uses the physics phenomenon of ink decay caused by exposure to light, it absorbed light into the material and create different shades on paper, which attribute to different length of time under exposure. It also refers to the trace of time-lapsed that preserving the time on paper through light. Through diffuse reflection, “the Void Series” controls the voltage to change the liquid crystal composition, allowing the light passing through the glass and the mirror intermittently, as a metaphor for light penetration. The two sets of installation works were just exhibited in Japan and received many positive feedbacks by visitors. Repeatedly loop brings a deep and mild feeling, and the variation of light ray is the proof of time trace. The two series of works muttering while juxtaposed with each other, presenting an incongruity different from the past as well as lingering memories.

Ding Chien-Chung, born in Taipei, 1983, and graduated from the MFA Program of New Media Arts, National Taipei University of the Arts. DING Chien-Chun was invited to Spain and France participating Artist-in-Residence and has plentiful exhibited experiences such as in Osaka, Santa Fe, Singapore, Beijing, Sao Paulo, Seoul and other places worldwide. He has won the Honorable Mention of Taipei Arts Award, “Collection Project for Young Taiwanese Artists” by National Taiwan Museum of Fines Arts, Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award, and nominated by Taishin Arts Award. He was selected in Huayu Youth Award of ART·SANYA. and FILE2014 in Brazil. His works has been collected by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.