《你會在那兒嗎?》Will You Be There? Loom 02 創作計劃|2018.12.29-2019.2.2|就在藝術空間

RohwaJeong, Jaeyoung Park, Jungki Beak, Hyein Lee x Lu Yi, Sunjung Kim, Juwon Choi

展期 Date: 12/ 29/ 2018-2/ 2/ 2019 
開幕 Opening: 12/ 29(六) 4:00-7:00pm 
座談 Artist Talk: 12/29(六)2:30-4:00pm
與談人 Guests: 金宣庭 Kim Sunjung, Loom Collective, 黃建宏 Huang Chien-Hung
地點 Venue: 就在藝術空間 Project Fulfill Art Space (台北市大安區信義路三段 147 巷 45 弄 2 號一樓)

就在藝術空間在2018年底為台灣觀眾推出由韓國重要策展人金宣庭(Kim Sunjung)為藝術指導,帶領韓國藝術家團體Loom展出創作計畫《Loom 02》。Loom是五位皆為1981年出生的藝術家組成的團體。《Loom 02》計畫以繪畫,裝置,聲音與新媒體來探索空間與時間、超越邊界及銜接在地環境,進而創造出具有獨特能量的作品。

穆索(Guillaume Musso)的小說《你會在那兒嗎?》描繪主角庫柏(Elliott Cooper)回到過去,與1970年代的自己相遇的旅程。這部小說的故事橫跨三十年,敘述的是庫柏於這兩段不同時間裡的生活;與此同時,他亦試圖與過去的自己溝通,以求改變未來。庫柏過去的自己在身上留下「等待你下一次造訪」這一行刺青,作為一道給未來自己的訊息,以便再度造訪自己。

「倘若時間旅行是可能的,那麼這些來自未來的旅客又在何處?」—霍金(Stephen Hawking),引自《你會在那兒嗎?》,第65頁

當下本質上就是過去的累積。我們經常好奇,如果我們做出不同的選擇,事態是否就會有不同的發展。於是我們會自問:「倘若我當初做了(什麼事)…?」就像庫柏穿越時空,影響了自己的人生和他身邊的人一樣,這些在Loom 計畫當中的協作者也以類似的方式相互牽連。這項計畫是由藝術家RohwaJeong、Jungki Beak、Jaeyoung Park,以及Hyein Lee所構成的集體計畫。這些藝術家自2016年起便共同進行研究與實驗,思索關於世代論述的議題,以及呈現在他們面前的不確定未來。這個為期一年的過程被編碼為《Loom 01》,除了持續確立這項計畫的焦點,亦將以《Loom 02》為名在台北首次展出其最新進度。

《Loom 02》計畫的探索範疇超越單一概念,即使是言談中的一個簡單手勢,也能激發某種回顧性力量,在形式上與概念上形塑人類彼此之間的關係。特殊地點的顯著性,以及各個協作者對時間體驗的聯想,可透過協作者之間的集體交流而獲得保留,並滲透至整個展覽空間。這檔展覽透過激發空間個性、活化過去,以及交換不同地點的差異,成功地在我們熟悉的事物中刻劃出新奇的特質。這項計畫探索的不僅是穿越時空的問題,更涉及那些從超越個人主體性的發現過程中所產生的效應。

開幕活動訂於12月29日(週六)下午4點,並於下午2點半舉行座談,邀請黃建宏(國立臺北藝術大學藝術跨域研究所所長)為主持人與金宣庭以及Loom 藝術團體進行對談。現場將有中、韓翻譯。

主辦單位: 就在藝術空間
策劃單位: 當代藝術空間
贊助單位: 韓國文化藝術委員會


Project Fulfill Art Space presents the much anticipated collaborative project ‘Loom 02’, opening at the end of December 2018. Featuring artworks by the Korean contemporary artist collective ‘Loom’, with highly regarded Seoul-based curator Sunjung Kim as art advisor to the project. The collective consists of five young Korean artists all born in 1981, bringing a dynamic mix of paintings, installation, sound and new media works, exhibiting for the first time to Taiwan audiences as the ‘Loom 02’ project. Their creative approach explores space and time, transcending boundaries and engaging with the local environment, creating a unique energy within their work.

Exhibition Introduction|Text / Kim Sunjung
Guillaume Musso’s novel ‘Will You Be There?’ charts the journey of the main protagonist Elliott Cooper as he travels back in time to encounter his past self from the 1970’s. Moving through a time gap of thirty years, the novel illustrates the life of Cooper in two different time periods, as he attempts to communicate with his past in order to change his future. His past self leaves a message for his future in order to revisit him, by tattooing on his body the words; “Waiting for your next visit”.

“If time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?” -Stephen Hawking (Will You Be There?, p. 65)

The present is essentially an accumulation of the past. We often wonder whether things would have turned out differently if we had chosen otherwise, raising the question; “what if I had…?” Much like Elliott Cooper influencing his life and those around him through space and time, the collaborators in the ‘Loom 02’ project are interconnected in a similar way. ‘Loom’ is a collective formed by the artists RohwaJeong (artist duo); Jungki Beak; Jaeyoung Park and Hyein Lee. Since 2016 the artists collaboratively conducted research and experimentation contemplating the issues surrounding generational discourse and the uncertain future laid out before them. This process was carried out over the course of a year, programmed as ‘Loom 01’, and continued to define the focus of the project, with its latest progression exhibited for the first time as ‘Loom 02’ in Taipei at Project Fulfill Art Space.

‘Loom 02’ extends its exploration beyond a singular notion; where even a simple gesture in conversation can muster a retrospective power, shaping our human relationships both formally and conceptually. Through a communal exchange between collaborators, the salience of particular locations and the associations derived from each collaborator’s experience of time is retained and permeates throughout the exhibition space. The exhibition portrays a novelty in the familiar, by arousing individuality of space, invigorating the past and through exchanging the differences in locations. Not only are questions of crossing time and space explored, but also the effects that emerge from the process of discovery that reach beyond one’s individual subjectivity.

The exhibition opening reception will he held on 29 December at 4pm, with an artist talk at 2.30pm, with guest speaker Professor Huang Chien-Hung (Head of Graduate Institute of Trans-Disciplinary Arts, TNUA) in conversation with Kim Sunjung and the Loom collective. Chinese-Korean interpreter available.

Host: Project Fulfill Art Space
Organizer: Space for Contemporary Art
Supported by: Arts Council Korea

For more details visit: https://www.projectfulfill.com/will-you-be-there—loom-02.html

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